Eight fellows are an integral part of the URPP "Translational Cancer Reserach". Each of the fellows works on the interphase between different research groups and consolidate the multidisciplinary and translational character of the URPP.

Stem Cells

Identification of molecular pathways relevant to melanoma cell biology including dissemination with focus on stem cells and the impact of conventional and novel therapies on such pathways.
(Reinhard Dummer, Lukas Sommer)

Oncogenic Cell Invasion

Investigation of the role of developmental genes in invasion of melanoma using C.elegans, (genetically modified) melanoma cells and biobanked melanoma cultures.
(Alex Hajnal, Holger Moch, Reinhard Dummer)

CAR T Cells

Generation of a versatile platform for the generation of CAR T cells directed against a variety of known and novel leukemic and hemapoietic stem cells antigens and test such CAR T cells with respect to tumor eradication and safety.
(Burkhard Becher, Maries van den Broek, Alessandra Curioni, Markus Manz, Steve Pascolo)

New Therapies and Clinical Trials

Development of novel immunotherapies for cancer using preclinical models and performing three clinical trials in patients with glioblastoma, melanoma and mesothelioma.
(Burkhard Becher, Onur Boyman, Maries van den Broek, Alessandra Curioni, Reinhard Dummer, Lars French, Steve Pascolo, Michael Weller)

The Role of β-catenin Signaling in Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Investigation of the role of canonical wnt-signaling and of b-catenin transcriptional output in development and progression of SCC with a special focus on modulation of immune responses.
(Konrad Basler, Maries van den Broek)


Identification of epigenetic regulators in different cancer cells to understand the interplay between genetic and epigenetic alterations and to develop novel epigenome-targeted therapeutic strategies.
(Konrad Basler, Onur Boyman, Lars French, Michael O. Hottiger, Mitch Levesque, Markus Manz, Peter Schraml, Lukas Sommer)

Radiation and Tissue Response

Identification of molecular pathways relevant to immune stimulation by radiotherapy to define biomarkers of response and improve clinical efficacy.
(Bernd Bodenmiller, Maries van den Broek, Reinhard Dummer, Lars French, Michael Hottiger, Mitch Levesque, Peter Schraml)

Multidimensional Analysis

Multidimensional analysis of the tumor microenvironment using CytOF and bioinformatics in relation to response to standard and immune therapy to better understand parameters that define clinical response.
(Burkhard Becher, Bernd Bodenmiller, Onur Boyman, Alessandra Curioni, Reinhard Dummer, Lars French, Mitch Levesque, Markus Manz, Steve Pascolo, Peter Schraml, Michael Weller)