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URPP Translational Cancer Research


Translational Cancer Research

Cancer is caused by genetic and epigenic changes that can occur randomly or due to environmental factors. Those changes result in the generation of cancer cells, which are characterized by uncontrolled growth, increased survival and the capacity to spread (metastasize). Besides cancer cell-intrinsic properties, the immune response of a patient significantly influences the survival of tumor cells.

Because of the complexity and variability of human tumors, an efficient cancer therapy requires a multimodal approach. It is crucial for the development of new therapies and the improvement of existing treatment modalities to investigate the interactions between the tumor with its micro-environment and the immune system in a multi-disciplinary fashion. The URPP "Translational Cancer Research" builds a bridge between fundamental and clinical research and fosters the communication and collaboration between research groups investigating different aspects of cancer.

Announcement: The URPP “Translational Cancer Research” has closed most activities by 31.12.2022

Although our URPP officially runs until 31.12.2024, de facto most activities were closed at the end of 2022. As all URPPs receive half of the budget for the final 4 years, our consortium decided to work during the last 2 years with full power rather 4 years on half-flame.

We are very proud of our sustainable achievements. These were only possible thanks to the support and trust from the University of Zurich and inputs from the scientific community in Zurich.
Thank you.

Our final report will be published on this site in due time.


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Final meeting

Final meeting, August 28, 2022, Careum Auditorium