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URPP Translational Cancer Research

About us

University Research Priority Projects

In order to strengthen the leading position of the UZH in scientific research, the Executive Board of the university has, in line with its strategic development, established University Research Priority Programs (URPP). These programs complement the existing elements of research priority programs at the university. URPP build on excellent research expertise already present at the university. They are interdisciplinary and cross-faculty and promote collaboration within the university. Additionally, they strongly support the academic career development of young researchers.

The URPP "Translational Cancer Research"

Participating faculties: MeF, MNF

Directors: Prof. Konrad Basler, Prof. Reinhard Dummer

Cancer is caused by complex interactions of genetic, immunological and microenvironmental factors. The main incentive for this URPP is to foster collaboration between the best clinical and basic researchers at the University of Zurich to accelerate the development of new therapeutic approaches.

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human melanoma

Human melanoma stained for the tumor antigen Melan-A

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