Yin Yang 1 Orchestrates a Metabolic Program Required for Both Neural Crest Development and Melanoma Formation

Loss of Cilia Leads to Melanoma

New Biomarkers Predict Outcome of Cancer Immunotherapy

Shedding Light on Cause of Resistance to Tumor Immunotherapy

Swiss Bridge Award for Prof. Dr. Christian Mosimann and Dr. Alexa Burger (IMLS).

Prof. Dr. Christian Mosimann and Dr. Alexa Burger received the Swiss Bridge Award for their work on zebrafish cancer models. The seed grant from the URPP “Translational Cancer Research” enabled collection of preliminary data and fruitful collaborations with URPP-linked labs, both of which were instrumental to winning the Swiss Bridge Award.

Swiss Bridge Award 2016 (PDF, 185 KB)

URPP received continued funding for 2017-2020 of 11 Mio CHF

The University of Zurich has decided to support the URPP "Translational Cancer Research" for 4 more years with CHF 11'000'000. The URPP received the first funding in 2013, which was about 60% of this amount.