PD Dr. Peter Schraml

Main Field(s) of Research

Human biomaterial is an important resource to translate laboratory findings into clinical applications. Therefore, we established an accredited tissue biobank at the Department of Pathology and Molecular Pathology to provide the research community with tissue samples. The biobank’s activity comprises the organization and coordination of a systematic tissue collection under high quality standards following the swiss ethical and legal guidelines. More than 200 different tissue microarrays were generated and many of them are linked to clinico-pathological data. Frozen biospecimens from 10’000 cancer patients are also available and ideally suited for high through-put technology projects. Moreover, 250 early passage cell cultures from multiple solid cancer types are stored in the tissue biobank and can be used for translational and personalized cancer therapy studies.

Our research is focussing on the evaluation of the relationship between molecular aberrations and prognostic/predictive factors in sporadic renal cell cancer (RCC). As the prognosis of advanced RCC is poor, we are specifically interested in the identification of genetic alterations and pathways leading to tumor recurrence and metastasis after nephrectomy. The molecular characterization and decryption of intra-tumoral heterogeneity is the main challenge and of utmost importance to improve prediction and therapeutic strategies of metastatic RCC.